Our customers love how our glasses help their children see and lead normal lives. Our frames are durable - they can take chewing, tossing, even being run over by cars! Our service is fast and courteous, and we're always very happy to help you order over the phone. And our shipping is always top notch. 

Read what our customers have to say, and if you'd like to leave a testimonial, feel free to use the form included below.


Hi, I just wanted to let you know how awesome your glasses were and are for my family! My son was diagnosed with a very lazy eye at 10 months old and I needed glasses that he wouldn't break. My doctor told me about you and my son LOVES them! He refuses to take them off and when we do, he cries. He has never broken them and we've never had an issue with them.

We love his Solo Bambini glasses! He's just so darn cute in them.

Thank you,



When my daughter was 12 months old we were informed that she needed glasses. My heart fell and I didn't know where to look for infant glasses. I found your company by doing a google search. I was very pleased by the sincere concern for my feelings and the diligence in making sure I received the glasses right away. Since then we have ordered four pairs. We love Solo Bambini. Everyone compliments my daughter on how cute she looks in her glasses. We am more than happy with her glasses. We are customers for life.

Thank you again,
Brooklyn, NY


I want to say thanks for offering the "itsy bitsy" frame. My daughter first started wearing glasses at 8 weeks old after cataract surgery in both eyes. She was very small, but your frames fit her face perfectly.

I was actually told by the rep. at another company that they didn't offer the smaller size because there wasn't as much demand for it, so they wouldn't make very much money. I would like to offer her pic for your gallery.

Thanks for offering the small frames for the little ones out there!


Good morning. I wanted you to know how much I love my son's new glasses. We ended up going with the root beer shade. You were so easy to work with. I ordered 4 pairs of glasses and ended up keeping only one, but you have a customer for life because of your service....

Thanks again for your help.




I am just writing to let you know how wonderful your Solo Bambini frames are.

My son is now 22 months old, and has been wearing Solo Bambini glasses since he was just 6 months old.

Today, we were driving in the car, when he decided it would be fun to throw his glasses out the window. We live in a very busy area, and I was sure they would be torn to bits if we ever found them. But, I found them in the middle of a busy intersection - and even though the lenses have popped out, everything was still in tact. They are a little bumped and bruised (and rightfully so after being run over by so many cars), but, I am so impressed with their durability.

We always get compliments on how cute the Solo Bambini frames are. And, how they fit my son so well. But, now, I have a new story to tell! Thanks for making these. I don't know what we would do without them!



Dear Roger,

I love coming back to this site to see my baby in her first pair of solo bambini glasses.

My daughter has been wearing her solo bambini glasses since she was 7 months old. We have had three pair so far. She is now just over 4 years old. Not one pair of these glasses has worn out or broken. She loves them and gets many compliments. Thank you.




Mr. Oger,

I just wanted to say thank you very much for my order. I recieved the eye glasses and they were sent to Egypt. I just an email of confirmation saying that they were recieved and glasses fit perfect. Thank you so much for making this happen, you have made a family extremely happy.

Thanks again,



When I found out that my 9 month old baby needed glasses, I was really upset. Needless to say, the options of frames for infants is very limited. The glasses chosen for her by the doctors office resembled goggles.

I walked out in tears. I was so glad when I found Solo Bambini online. I quickly called the office and cancelled my order.

My daughter looks adorable in her glasses! She has tossed them & chewed on them. But they still look really good! The transitional lenses are awesome because she cannot wear cool sunglasses like other children.

I wanted to add my daughter's picture in the photo gallery.

Thanks again...Lynette


When I found out that my 9 month old needed glasses, I was devestated. Needless to say, the options of frames for infants is very limited.

I was so glad when I stumbled upon Solo Bambini.

My daughter looks so cute in her glasses! She has jumped on them, thrown them, chewed on them, and turned them inside out. Through all of that, they still look great!

Thank you so much. You'll never know how grateful I am to have them! I would like to put my daughter's picture in the photo gallery.

Thank you so much....Jennifer


Thank you soooo much for your wonderful glasses. Our son was prescribed his glasses when he was 9 months old and we knew he would break regular glasses or be pinched with the hinges.

Our Dr. suggested your frames and we are so happy with them. Not only is he absolutely adorable in them...but we know they are comfortable because he wears them ALL day and has no problems.

He has been wearing them now for about 2 months and he gets so many head turns, laughs and compliments. People think the glasses are so cool and I think he actually likes wearing them. Thank you for making this whole experience so much easier!

Keep up the great work - you guys are awesome.


Good evening,

I received the eyeglasses (Thank you for fast delivery: it arrived only four days after making my order, despite I live in France!); it is so cute, thank you very much !!! My 4 months old has to wear it all day long.


I wanted to let you know that I made a mistake when I sent the first email. I was a little shocked with my initial impression of my daughter, Josi's glasses. However, I have come to love them.!!!

We can't live without them. I realized that very fast. They are definitely different and people notice them but all the feedback has been positive! Most importantly, she chooses them over her "dressy" pair of glasses.

She's is turning 3 years old soon, and is enrolled in soccer! We are really excited to see her play in her new solo bambinis! Picture to come!

Thanks and sorry for my first email.


I am so excited to have found Solo Bambini. My 10 month old is a 'busy' boy, and had already broken a regular metal pair of infant frames after just two days. I went to every eyeware clinic within 15 miles of my home trying to locate someone that might carry a frame that would last him more then a week.

I found Solo Bambini online and in about a week we had our glasses. They were so helpful and knowledgeable. He is doing great and I am happy to say that these glasses have survived their first week.

I am so exctied about these glasses that I couldn't wait to return to my eye doctor and show them what I had found. They were just as exctied and hopefully they will become a retailer for our area.

Thank you so much Solo Bambini.


We are so happy with these glasses. Thank you for making such a great product!

Madelyn has had them since she was 7 months and does great wearing them. They have remained indestructible with all her tumbles, other babies pulling them of and chewing on them, and herself sometimes throwing them in the car!

Thank you so much for a stylish and practical option for baby glasses.



We wanted to thank you for your helpful and prompt service. We appreciate the time you took on the phone to answer our questions, as we had not previously ordered glasses online.

We received our son's new glasses several days ago, and they are great. We're just starting to introduce them to him and are hoping he'll enjoy them. They look so cute on him.

Thanks again for all your help,



Hello. I LOVE your glasses not only because they look adorable, but also because they are comfortable!! Thanks.

Attached is a photo of my daughter for your gallery.

Thank you,



Thank you for being there for all the children. This is the second pair I have purchased for my 2 yr old. She bends and breaks regular glasses but doesn't even bother her Solo Bambinis.




I just wanted to thank you for your excellent and very kind service after we ordered glasses from your shop last week.

Tully looks great in her new specs and she seems to feel quite comfortable in them. I think the size worked out well and they arrived so quickly!

Thanks again,



Hi there,

We're one of your Canadian customers - we absolutely love the glasses....and are so glad we found them for our daughter.

It would have been really difficult to put a 6 month old (at the time of diagnosis) into anything else.




Despite living in the UK, only 5 days after making my order with you for a pair of glasses with Solo Bambini frames, they arrived (and that was including a weekend!).

I wanted to thank you for your prompt and efficient service, and for the assistance I received when making enquiries, from Oger Owner, who was most helpful.

We are very pleased with my daughters glasses - they look lovely on her and have become our favourite pair.

Despite being fortunate enough to receive free glasses for our one year old daughter on the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, our choice is limited, and when we are looking for something a bit different or want a pretty colour, I shall definitely return to you.

As she has to wear them at such a young age, (she is 14 months), we are looking at them as a fashion accessory and as such, I am already considering what colour our next frames might be!

Thank you again, and I look forward to making my next order.





I e-mailed you on Weds. 11/15/06 about ordering some protective glasses for my 2 month old son that has been diagnosed with PHPV. I was having trouble figuring out how to order glasses without a prescription.

You immediately e-mailed me back and helped me navigate the website. I ordered his glasses at about 3pm. Today is Saturday 11/18/06 and we received the glasses.

The glasses are perfect for our son. Not only do they fit the proportion of his face, they move with him on the floor, his crib and in the bouncy seat. I can not say enough about your product and your service. I will be ordering him some more glasses in other colors.

My husband and I are so happy that the glasses fit properly and that the service you provide for babies is so wonderful. These glasses give some piece of mind.

I can't thank you enough. I will send you a picture of our little one in his glasses.

Thank you again.




We received the glasses today - they fit well. My son can actually see things that are in front of him. He fussed for the first 10 minutes, but then he wanted to wear his glasses because he can see so much better. Thanks for offering fast service and convenient ordering (for a hard-to-find item)!

From a Very satisfied customer,



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