About Us

It was in 1989 I accompanied my optician brother to an International Optical Show in the city of Milan, Italy where most European frame manufacturers and others from all over the world assemble to show their goods. I struck a deal with a small Italian manufacturer producing soft plastic frames, and aware of the fact that the US market was in need of such a product the Solo Bambini Company was founded in 1990 to fill a small niche in the optical industry.

The brand I carried was only available in 3 to 4 colors and limited sizes and I was urged by my then customers for more variety, thus the brand Solo Bambini® was created made in the USA from a blend of soft plastic which is hypoallergenic and made with materials and colors approved by the FDA. Solo Bambini® brand is available in 12 sizes and a total of 14 handpicked colors depending on sizes. The Solo Bambini® brand features a thin profile with a living hinge as well as a deeper lens groove to accommodate higher prescriptions. Our frames have been used by adults and seniors for their comfort and ease use. Our mission is to make these wonderful products available to all those who need them in a fast and efficient manner.

Please ask your Optician or Eye Care provider for the Solo Bambini® brand to experience the JOY.

Our Store

Are you in the Bay Area? Our store is located in downtown Burlingame, and we welcome you to drop in to see our entire selection of frames. We can fit your child and get them taken care of quickly and easily. Please visit us online for more info.