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If you are a pediatric ophthalmologist or optometrist, you may consider using additional services we are now providing online.
  1. State of the art optical lab, fully staffed and ready to execute your prescriptions upon receipt without delay. This means your patient will have the convenience of fast, efficient lab work in a minimum amount of time and effort.

  2. Our work is 100% guaranteed to be flawless or we will redo for free. Our lens ordering form is specifically designed to ensure that all prescriptions will be filled accurately.

  3. The frames we offer are the best available for infants. They are unsurpassed in durability and comfort. As a member, you will enjoy a discount on all our frames.

All that is required to establish an account is to provide us with some information. This information will be used to verify your credentials. We also request that you purchase 5 frames representing the most popular colors in two sizes, to show your potential patients, so that they can touch and feel the product, and choose the color most suited for their baby.

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For opticians and retailers wishing the convenience of online ordering, we have made it simple to order online by choosing the style, color, size and quantity desired. Your order will be shipped within hours of receipt. Discounts on Solo Bambini frames as follows.

Solo Bambini Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny, Toddler and all Scout frames will have a 10% discount on 25 pieces of assorted colors and sizes. All Solo Bambini Frames carry a one (1) year warranty against all material and workmanship defects.

If you have an existing Solo Bambini account, please contact us to activate your account for this online service. If you are opening a new account, please fill in the information request so that we can verify your account information and prepare it for online ordering.

There is a five piece assorted products and colors minimum order to establish an account for online ordering, there are no restrictions on subsequent order quantities. This process usually takes one day. The password used to initiate the account activation will be issued by you as the account holder to insure privacy. If you wish to order under the 5 piece minimum, we can ship C.O.D. or by credit card. If you order only one piece there will be a $15.00 one time, non-refundable set up charge.

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