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The Solo Bambini® proprietary frames for infants, children and now include adults are made in the USA with FDA approved materials and colors and are available in 10 sizes, Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny, Toddler, Rookie available in 3 sizes, Rascal, Scout, Eagle Scout and Scout Master. You will also find on our website frames such as the Alexandre, the Lorenzo and the Sophia which are made exclusively for Solo Bambini® by European craftsmen known for their quality work and attention to detail. We will continue to add new styles that we feel fit our quality standards and color choices.

We also import and distribute the Comoframe from Italy which is available in 9 sizes, the traditional Newborn, Baby, Babe, Baby-2, Junior, Sport, Sport-M and the Sport-L with the latest edition of the ComoRun size 44-17 to the lineup. We stock the complete line in all available colors.

Another children line represented by Solo Bambini® is the unique "Active, Active Jr and Active Sport" frames made with Swiss patented Grilamid which is light weight and available in a variety of fashionable colors. This frame has a double laminate construction with the dominant color on the outside and a softer rubber material on the inside. Both the Active, Active Jr and Active Sport are displayed on the website by a Number which identifies the style, color and size of the individual frame. To order all you need to reference is the frame Number. To view colors available choose the "more information" button.

In our continued quest to expand our products, we are pleased to introduce the availability of the "Modulo" frame, made in France by Julbo. The "Modulo" is unique in that it has a flexible hinge and adjustable temples with a second set of temple extenders included with each frame and presented in a colorful zipped case. The "Modulo" is available in 2 sizes and colors as follows:

43/15 in colors Blue/Red, Cherry Red/Pink, Green and Gray/Green.

45/16 in colors Choco/Blue, Green, Gray/Red, Red/Black and Violet.

The Solo Bambini® website offers all of our eyewear products with detailed descriptions for on line purchase in an encrypted and safe environment. We have also made it simple for you to order most prescription lenses and prescription sunglasses for any of the frames you find interesting.

The Solo Bambini® Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny, Toddler, Rascal, Rookie and the Comoframe New Born, Baby, Babe and Baby-2 and ComoRun frames offer the ultimate solution to correct infant refractions when first detected which can contribute to early resolution of many early childhood maladies.

The softness and delicate feature of these frames present a comfortable alternative to traditional stiff metal or hard plastic frames that are ill fitting and awkward looking.

The large sizes RASCAL, ROOKIE, SCOUT, EAGLE SCOUT and SCOUT MASTER from Solo Bambini® and the Junior, Sport, Sport-M and the Sport-L from Comoframe offer a welcome alternative to traditional frames in that they have no hinges or screws to be concerned about when you are camping, fishing, hunting or conducting any outdoor activity. In other words, they are completely care-free. If you, for instance, fall asleep with them on, or should you by accident sit on them, No problem they will not misshape and cause you to loose sleep over them. These frames are ideal for kids and young adults involved in sport activity such as jogging, tennis, golf, soccer because of their unique characteristic of being strapped on the face so that they will not slip or slide from side to side when the body is moving quickly to catch a fast moving ball or diving to save it. The frames are also Anti-Magnetic for persons working in Magnetic environments or exposed to metal detectors while traveling. These frames have also been used successfully to wear under gas masks or diving masks because they are pliable and will adapt easily to the conditions warranted by protective gear.

The Solo Bambini® proprietary line

The Solo Bambini® frames for infants and children are available in 7 sizes, Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny, Toddler, Rookie and Rascal, to accommodate babies and young children from birth to about 6 years of age. These frames can accommodate any prescription lenses and can be equipped with polycarbonate or the stronger alternative Phoenix Trivex® lenses with UV 400 for use as non-prescription sunglasses to protect the baby’s delicate eyes from the harmful rays of the sun when exposed outdoors in a stroller, strapped in a car seat or a day at the beach.

The Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny and Toddler frames are thin in profile, rectangular in shape, made in the USA with FDA approved materials and colors and feature the living hinge which is designed to withstand hundreds of openings and closings without breaking. It is secured on the baby’s head with a soft elastic strap. The frame has no screws or metal parts and fits perfectly, comfortably and will not lose its shape. Available in 12 pastel and primary colors; Ice 100, Strawberry Ice 101, Pink 102, Turquoise Ice 103, Ice Blue 103.1, Blue 104, Yellow 105, Watermelon Red 106, Green 107, Lavender 108, Denim 109 and Root Beer 110. In addition the Toddler is available in color 111 Charcoal.

The larger designs we feature are the SCOUT, EAGLE SCOUT and SCOUT MASTER which are available in 6 colors; Ice 100, Denim 109, Root Beer 110, Charcoal 111, Forest Green 112 and Red 113. The SCOUT size is available in an additional color Peony 114. These frames are designed with the mature customer in mind with the more solid colors and sporty oval and swept back look. They fit very comfortably under helmets and are perfect for sports such as soccer, hand ball or any sport where wearing a helmet is desired such as biking, skateboarding etc.

The Rascal frame is a 43-16 eye size, is a rounded rectangular shape with a slightly heavier construction designed for active kids depending on facial features from 3 to 6 years of age. It is secured on the face with an adjustable sport strap. The Rascal is available in 8 colors 100 Ice, 102 Pink, 106 Watermelon Red, 109 Denim, 110 Root Beer, 111 Charcoal, 115 Khaki and 116 Orange.

The latest release we offer is the "Rookie" which is oval in shape produced in 3 sizes 38-14, 42-16, 44-16 and available in colors; Ice 100, Strawberry Ice 101, Pink 102, Turquoise Ice 103, Ice Blue 103.1, Blue 104, Yellow 105, Watermelon Red 106, Green 107, Lavender 108, Denim 109 and Root Beer 110 and 111 Charcoal.

Prescription Lenses:

We offer 2 types of lenses; the Polycarbonate and the Phoenix Trivex® lenses. They are both impact resistant with 100% ultraviolet (UV) protection built in. Both lenses can be tinted in Gray or Brown in three shades 1 – 2 – 3 with 3 being the darkest.

These lenses can be obtained in Transitions and can also be coated with anti reflective coating.

Polycarbonate: We use this lens as a minimum standard in all of our prescription and nonprescription glasses. This is an old established product that has been proven to be one of the best for impact resistance being a major concern for us with children. In recent years other improved products have appeared on the market such as the Phoenix Trivex® material which is denser and thus offers better visual acuity, impact resistance and scratching this product has been proven in drop tests to be twice as strong as the Polycarbonate material.

Transitions: These lenses are treated with a photosensitive agent that makes the lens darker when exposed to sunlight. Outdoors, they offer an attractive tint of gray or brown which quickly fades to clear indoors. Transitions are very practical for infants exposed to outdoor activities or having been prescribed sunglasses.

We need your prescription information to make your new glasses, including the “PD” for Pupillary Distance. We have designed this form to make transmitting this information as clear as possible. Your prescription information allows us to custom make your lenses in your exact prescription.

Please note and pay special attention when entering the plus (+) or minus (-) signs preceding all sphere and cylinder powers. We also ask that you fax or scan and e-mail

your prescription to 650-340-1774 or to for confirmation before processing.

Our lens warranty:   The polycarbonate lenses are warranted for 6 months in cases of Rx change. And for one year in cases of a scratches. The polycarbonate lens is limited to a one time Rx and a one time Scratch re-do within the specified period. Re-dos are subject to a $15.00 per lens charge each occurrence + $10.00 shipping and handling. Existing lenses must be returned for the warrantee to be effective. No exceptions.

The Trivex lens is also warranted for a 6 month period in cases of an Rx change. And for a one year multiple occurrences for scratch re-do's. Re-do's are subject to $15.00 per lens charge each occurrence + $10.00 shipping and handling. Existing lenses must be returned for the warrantee to be effective. No exceptions.

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